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Let TO be the object from which the msDS-QuotaEffective attribute is being read.

Let R be the root object of the NC containing TO.

Let SID be the sid specified by the LDAP extended control LDAP_SERVER_QUOTA_CONTROL_OID or, if none is specified, the requester's SID.

Let SIDS be the set of SIDs including SID and the set of SIDs returned by tokenGroups.

The value of TO!msDS-QuotaEffective is the maximum of all O!msDS-QuotaAmount for each object O where:

  • (TO is the object:

  • GetWellknownObject(n: R, guid: GUID_NTDS_QUOTAS_CONTAINER_W))

  • and (O is a child of TO)

  • and (the client has access to O as specified in section

  • and (the client has access to O!msDS-QuotaAmount as specified in section

  • and (the client has access to O!msDS-QuotaTrustee as specified in section

  • and (there exists S in SIDS such that S is equal to O!msDS-QuotaTrustee)

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