This control is used with an LDAP Search request. The Search request has base object scope. The base DN of the search is the DN of the DC's nTDSDSA object, and the search filter is "(objectClass=*)". If the application sending the search request is not running on the same computer as the DC, the result is the error unwillingToPerform / <unrestricted>.

When sending this control to the DC, the controlValue field of the Control structure is omitted. Sending this control to the DC does not cause the server to include any controls in its response.

This control is only supported on the Small Business Server version of the Windows operating system.

Because this control only has an effect for applications running on the same machine as the DC, the effects of this control are not observable on the network. This control causes the DC to notify the client when the DC is shutting down. When the DC receives a search request with this control attached, it does not immediately send a response to the request. Instead, it sends the SearchResultDone response (see [RFC2251] section 4.5.2) to the request when the DC is shutting down.