The adtgChildUnChanged element specifies the original row data from a child RecordSet.

The syntax of an adtgChildUnChanged element is defined as follows.

 adtgChildUnChanged          = adtgTokenChildResultRow
 adtgTokenChildResultRow     = %x87

The fields of an adtgChildUnChanged element have the following lengths, types, and meanings:

  • adtgTokenChildResultRow

    Length: 1 byte

    Identifies the data as row data in a child RecordSet. The value MUST be set to 0x87.

  • adtgChildRecordSetId

    Length: 4-bytes

    Datatype: ULONG

    For a description of the adtgChildRecordSetId field, see section

  • OriginalRowData

    Length: Variable

    For a description of the OriginalRowData field, see section