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Windows Protocols

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The Windows Protocols documentation contains detailed technical specifications for Microsoft protocols that are implemented and used by Windows to interoperate or communicate with other Microsoft products. It also contains technical specifications for extensions to industry-standard and other published protocols that are used by Windows. In addition, the documentation includes a set of companion overview and reference documents that supplement the technical specifications with conceptual background, overviews of inter-protocol relationships and interactions, and technical reference information.

The technical documents in this MSDN Library may be accessed without charge and without restriction. However, many of the technical documents include patented inventions. Some of these patents are available at no charge under the Open Specifications Promise or the Microsoft Community Promise. The remaining patents are available through various licensing programs. For more information, please visit the Microsoft Open Specifications website or send an email message to the IP Licensing Team.

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Windows Protocols Overview

Provides information about the protocols and other technologies that are included in the Windows Protocols documentation set and the relationships among those technologies.

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Windows Technical Specifications

Provides detailed technical specifications for Microsoft proprietary protocols (including extensions to industry-standard or other published protocols) and other technologies that are used by Windows to communicate with other Microsoft products.

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Open Specifications Forums

These MSDN user forums are available to answer technical questions about the Open Specifications documents.

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Open Specifications Blogs

These blogs, authored by the engineers who support the Open Specifications documents, provide a different venue for further discussion of those documents.

This section lists the protocol documentation for Windows Technical Preview, released in October 2014, and Windows Technical Preview 2, released in January 2015, that fall into the new and updated categories below. Protocol documentation for an earlier released version of Windows in May 15, 2014 is in this library (that is, Windows Protocols).

Important  To download individual files or the .zip file of the new and changed protocol documentation for the Windows Technical Previews in PDF format, see the Preview Specifications page. To download a .zip file of the protocol documentation from the May 15, 2014 release, which includes protocol documents that are unchanged for the Windows Technical Previews, see Windows Protocols Documents.

  • New

    These protocol documents have not been previously released.

  • Updated

    These protocol documents were previously released for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 and have been revised to reflect functionality for the Windows Technical Previews.

New Protocol Documentation

These protocol documents are new for the Windows Technical Preview releases and are available on the Preview Specifications page.

  • [MS-HTTP2E-Preview]: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 (HTTP/2) Extension

  • [MS-PKAP-Preview]: Public Key Authentication Protocol

  • [MS-RNAS-Preview]: Vendor-Specific RADIUS Attributes for Network Policy and Access Server (NPAS) Data Structure

  • [MS-SQOS-Preview]: Storage Quality of Service Protocol

  • [MS-WDHCE-Preview] Wi-Fi Display Protocol: Hardware Cursor Extension

  • [MS-WFDPE-Preview]: Wi-Fi Display Protocol Extension

Updated Protocol Documentation

The following Windows protocol documents were previously released and have been updated. Updated versions of the protocol documents in PDF Diff format, as well as descriptions of the changes to each protocol, are available on the Preview Specifications page. The Diff versions contain revision marks showing changes due to the Windows Technical Previews, as well as document updates made since those documents were last published on May 15, 2014.

  • [MC-DTCXA-Diff]: MSDTC Connection Manager: OleTx XA Protocol

  • [MS-ADA2-Diff]: Active Directory Schema Attributes M

  • [MS-ADFSPIP-Diff]: Active Directory Federation Services Proxy and Web Application Proxy Integration Protocol

  • [MS-ADSC-Diff]: Active Directory Schema Classes

  • [MS-ADTS-Diff]: Active Directory Technical Specification

  • [MS-CMRP-Diff]: Failover Cluster: Management API (ClusAPI) Protocol

  • [MS-CRTD-Diff]: Certificate Templates Structure

  • [MS-CSRA-Diff]: Certificate Services Remote Administration Protocol

  • [MS-DHCPM-Diff]: Microsoft Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server Management Protocol

  • [MS-DNSP-Diff]: Domain Name Service (DNS) Server Management Protocol

  • [MS-DRSR-Diff]: Directory Replication Service (DRS) Remote Protocol

  • [MS-DSCPM-Diff]: Desired State Configuration Pull Model Protocol

  • [MS-ECS-Diff]: Enterprise Client Synchronization Protocol

  • [MS-EFSR-Diff]: Encrypting File System Remote (EFSRPC) Protocol

  • [MS-FASP-Diff]: Firewall and Advanced Security Protocol

  • [MS-FSA-Diff]: File System Algorithms

  • [MS-FSCC-Diff]: File System Control Codes

  • [MS-GPAC-Diff]: Group Policy: Audit Configuration Extension Data Structure

  • [MS-GPFAS-Diff]: Group Policy: Firewall and Advanced Security Data Structure

  • [MS-GPPREF-Diff]: Group Policy: Preferences Extension

  • [MS-IPAMM2-Diff]: IP Address Management (IPAM) Management Protocol Version 2

  • [MS-KILE-Diff]: Kerberos Protocol Extensions

  • [MS-LCID-Diff]: Windows Language Code Identifier (LCID) Reference

  • [MS-LSAD-Diff]: Local Security Authority (Domain Policy) Remote Protocol

  • [MS-LWSSP-Diff]: Lightweight Web Services Security Profile

  • [MS-MDE-Diff]: Mobile Device Enrollment Protocol

  • [MS-MDM-Diff]: Mobile Device Management Protocol

  • [MS-MWBF-Diff]: Microsoft Web Browser Federated Sign-On Protocol

  • [MS-NLMP-Diff]: NT LAN Manager (NTLM) Authentication Protocol

  • [MS-NRPC-Diff]: Netlogon Remote Protocol

  • [MS-OAPX-Diff]: OAuth 2.0 Protocol Extensions

  • [MS-PAC-Diff]: Privilege Attribute Certificate Data Structure

  • [MS-PSRDP-Diff]: PowerShell Remote Debugging Protocol

  • [MS-PSRP-Diff]: PowerShell Remoting Protocol

  • [MS-RA-Diff]: Remote Assistance Protocol

  • [MS-RAI-Diff]: Remote Assistance Initiation Protocol

  • [MS-RDPBCGR-Diff]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Basic Connectivity and Graphics Remoting

  • [MS-RDPEGFX-Diff]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Graphics Pipeline Extension

  • [MS-RDPEI-Diff]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Input Virtual Channel Extension

  • [MS-RDPERP-Diff]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Remote Programs Virtual Channel Extension

  • [MS-RPRN-Diff]: Print System Remote Protocol

  • [MS-RSVD-Diff]: Remote Shared Virtual Disk Protocol

  • [MS-SMB2-Diff]: Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol Versions 2 and 3

  • [MS-SSTP-Diff]: Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

  • [MS-TDS-Diff]: Tabular Data Stream Protocol

  • [MS-TLSP-Diff]: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Profile

  • [MS-TPMVSC-Diff]: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Virtual Smart Card Management Protocol

  • [MS-TSGU-Diff]: Terminal Services Gateway Server Protocol

  • [MS-WCCE-Diff]: Windows Client Certificate Enrollment Protocol

  • [MS-WCFESAN-Diff]: WCF-Based Encrypted Server Administration and Notification Protocol

  • [MS-WSUSAR-Diff]: Windows Server Update Services: Administrative API Remoting Protocol (WSUSAR)

  • [MS-WSUSSS-Diff]: Windows Update Services: Server-Server Protocol

  • [MS-WUSP-Diff]: Windows Update Services: Client-Server Protocol

The following Office protocol document was previously released and has been updated for the Windows Technical Previews. The updated version of the document is available on the SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols page.

  • [MS-WSSHP]: HTTP Windows SharePoint Services Headers Protocol

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