System Documents

The System Documents are legacy overview documents that prescribe the usage and architectures of Windows protocols specific to the MCPP Licensing Program. Microsoft has developed a new set of Overview Documents that are organized by Windows technical area rather than by licensing program. Their design, based on feedback, more clearly illustrates how Windows protocols that are functionally related work together, with practical examples that demonstrate common usage scenarios. The new Overview Documents can be found here.

Specification Description

[MS-DISO]: Domain Interactions System Overview

Microsoft Windows networks are often configured with a domain controller providing centralized storage of accounts and administration of many computers. Many network-related operations depend on domains in order to complete various tasks. The Domain Interactions System includes the most common domain interaction tasks, such as locating a domain controller, joining a domain, and removing a domain member.This document specifies how the protocols that comprise the offerings from Microsoft are used together to maintain a relationship with the domain. This includes protocols that are used to communicate with a domain controller and maintain state, protocols that are used to augment authentication and authorization actions, and protocols that are used to interact with domain controllers.

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Licensing Information

Microsoft makes these technical specifications available to view and download at no charge and without restriction.  Many of the specifications, however, include patented inventions.  Some of those patents are available at no charge under the Open Specifications Promise or the Community Promise.  The remaining patents are available through various licensing programs.  For information about those programs, please visit the Microsoft Open Specifications website or email the Open Specifications Team.

Support and Resources

  • Open Specifications Forums: These MSDN forums are available to answer technical questions regarding the technical specifications and support developers implementing the technical specifications.

  • Open Specifications Developer Center: This Developer Center provides access to resources designed to assist developers implementing the technical specifications, including white papers, tools, and training videos.

  • Microsoft Open Specifications: This website provides information on licensing programs for patents covering the technical specifications as well as access to a variety of support and other resources such as test tools, training videos, interoperability events (including plugfests and interoperability labs), and case studies.