Customizing the Activation UI

The activation user interface (UI) that is launched when a protected application is missing a license is customizable to a certain extent by developers. This UI is displayed in the Product Activation Wizard that is distributed with the Microsoft SLP Permutation DLL, which is an assembly distributed with Microsoft SLP licensed assemblies. The activation wizard streamlines the activation process for the end user. Software publishers may want to customize text, logos, or links, etc. to provide a business theme for the wizard. There are three ways to design and implement changes for the activation UI.

  • By changing the content and layout of the activation wizard UI (includes a localization scenario)
  • By adding functionality before or after the product activation wizard executes
  • By changing the behavior of the entire activation process

The first option, changing the layout content of the activation wizard UI allows you to customize the existing Product Activation Wizard content. The second option, adding functionality before or after the wizard executes, is for adding functionality specific to the software publisher, such as a splash screen. The third option, changing the behavior of the entire activation process, requires the software vendor to create the entire activation UI. This can be used for adding additional user options, such as more definitive choices for license entitlement by adding an extra page that includes radio buttons or other controls. 


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Customizing and Localizing the Product Activation Wizard UI 

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