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Paper Types
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Paper Types

Country/Region Default Paper Type Other Most Commonly Used Types
Arabic speaking countries A4  
Argentina Letter  
Australia A4  
Brazil Letter  
Canada Letter  
Chile Letter  
Denmark A4 A series
Finland A4 A series
France A4  
Germany A4 A5, A6
Greece A4  
Hungary A4 A3, A5, B5, 220 mm x 12 in.
Israel A4  
Italy A4 A5, B5, A3, B3
Japan A4  
Korea A4  
Latin American countries Letter  
Mexico Letter  
Netherlands A4 A3, A5, letter
Norway A4 A3, A5
People's Republic of China A4 16 Kai
Peru   Letter
Poland A4 A series
Portugal A4  
Russia A4 A series
Spain A4  
Sweden A4 A3, A5
Taiwan A4  
Turkey A4  
United States Letter Legal, executive
Venezuela Letter  
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