Appendix Q International Keyboard Layouts

This appendix contains illustrations of the keyboard layouts available on Microsoft Windows 95. Each layout is shown in several states. Keys are shown as follows:

White text on gray key = Control key

Black text on gray key = Generates a character

Black text on white key = Generates a character in combination with another key

The following layouts are illustrated in this appendix:

Arabic Korean
Belgian Latin American
British Latvian
Bulgarian–Cyrillic Latvian–Latin
Bulgarian–Latin Norwegian
Byelorussian Polish
Canadian Multilingual Portuguese
Croatian Portuguese–Brazilian ABNT2
Czech Romanian
Czech–Qwerty Russian
Danish Serbian–Latin
Dutch Slovak
Estonian Slovak–Qwerty
Finnish Slovenian
French Spanish
French Canadian Swedish
German Swiss French
Greek Swiss German
Hebrew Turkish–F Type
Hungarian Turkish–Q Type
Icelandic Ukrainian
Irish United States
Italian United States–Dvorak
United States–International