Appendix J Platform Support for the Win32 NLSAPI

This appendix consists of one table that lists API functions and supporting platforms. The Microsoft Win32 API includes a number of functions that return culturally and linguistically accurate information. This set of functions, described in Chapter 5, is called the NLSAPI. (NLS stands for National Language Support.)

Platform Support for the Win32 NLSAPI

API Name Win32s
version 1.2
NT 3.1
NT 3.5
Windows 95
CompareStringA X   X X
CompareStringW   X X  
ConvertDefaultLocale X   X X
EnumCalendarInfoA X   X X
EnumCalendarInfoW     X  
EnumDateFormatsA X   X X
EnumDateFormatsW     X  
EnumSystemCodePagesA X   X X
EnumSystemCodePagesW     X  
EnumSystemLocalesA X   X X
EnumSystemLocalesW     X  
EnumTimeFormatsA X   X X
EnumTimeFormatsW     X  
FoldStringA X   X  
FoldStringW   X X  
GetConsoleCP   X X  
GetConsoleOutputCP   X X  
GetCPInfo X X X X
GetCurrencyFormatA X   X X
GetCurrencyFormatW     X  
GetDateFormatA X   X X
GetDateFormatW   X X  
GetLocaleInfoA X   X X
GetLocaleInfoW   X X  
GetNumberFormatA X   X X
GetNumberFormatW     X  
GetStringTypeA X   X X
GetStringTypeExA X   X X
GetStringTypeExW     X  
GetStringTypeW   X X  
GetSystemDefaultLangID X X X X
GetSystemDefaultLCID X X X X
GetThreadLocale X X X  
GetTimeFormatA X   X X
GetTimeFormatW   X X  
GetUserDefaultLangID X X X X
GetUserDefaultLCID X X X X
IsDBCSLeadByte X X X X
IsDBCSLeadByteEx     X X
IsValidCodePage X X X X
IsValidLocale X X X X
LCMapStringA X   X X
LCMapStringW   X X  
MultiByteToWideChar X X X X
SetConsoleCP   X X  
SetConsoleOutputCP   X X  
SetLocaleInfoA     X X
SetLocaleInfoW   X X  
SetThreadLocale   X X  
WideCharToMultiByte X X X X