ErrObject.Raise Method


Generates a run-time error; can be used instead of the Error statement.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualBasic
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualBasic (in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)

public void Raise(
	int Number,
	Object Description


Type: System.Int32
Required. Long integer that identifies the nature of the error. Visual Basic errors are in the range 0–65535; the range 0–512 is reserved for system errors; the range 513–65535 is available for user-defined errors. When setting the Number property to your own error code in a class module, you add your error code number to the vbObjectError constant. For example, to generate the error number 513, assign vbObjectError + 513 to the Number property.
Type: System.Object
Optional. String expression describing the error. If unspecified, the value in the Number property is examined. If it can be mapped to a Visual Basic run-time error code, the string that would be returned by the Error function is used as the Description property. If there is no Visual Basic error corresponding to the Number property, the "Application-defined or object-defined error" message is used.

All of the Raise arguments except Number are optional. If you omit optional arguments, and the property settings of the Err object contain values that have not been cleared, those values serve as the values for your error.

This example uses the Err object's Raise method to generate an error within a function written in Visual Basic. The calling function can catch the error and report it to the user with a message box.

Const WidthError As Integer = 1
Const WidthHelp As Object = 101

Dim Msg As String

Sub TestWidth(ByVal width As Integer)
  If width > 1000 Then
    Err.Raise(vbObjectError + 512 + WidthError, "TestWidth")
  End If
End Sub

Sub CallingProcedure()
  Catch ex As Exception
    Msg = ex.Message
  End Try
End Sub


Supported in: 5, 4, 3

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