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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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A type of Lookup that allows for multiple references to records of multiple types of entities to be set in a single field. A PartyList is typically found on e-mail activities to represent the To, Bcc and cc fields. A PartyList is defined by using the following attributes:

idStringThe GUID of the item. Required for set.
typeIntegerDeprecated. The entity type code.
typenameStringThe entity name of the item. Required for set.
nameStringThe name of the item to be displayed. Required for set.
data Any other data. Optional for set.

The following properties are available:

PartyList propertiesTypeDescription
{Field}.DataValueAn array of lookup objectsGet/set property.

For PartyLists this must be an array with the length of at least one. DataValue is Null when no value is selected. Set DataValue to Null to make the lookup field blank.

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