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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Allows for entry of numeric whole numbers. The following properties are available:

Integer propertiesTypeDescription
{Field}.DataValueInteger or NullGet/set property.

The original value is left unchanged if the new value cannot be parsed.

{Field}.MinIntegerGet property.

The minimum allowed value.

{Field}.MaxIntegerGet property.

The maximum allowed value.


The following code example shows how to use a field of type Integer.

var oField = crmForm.all.SOME_INTEGER_FIELD_ID;

var iValue = 1000;

if (iValue < oField.Min)
   iValue = oField.Min;
else if (iValue > oField.Max)
   iValue = oField.Max;

oField.DataValue = iValue;

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