Working with XmlPreloadedResolver


The XmlPreloadedResolver type is used as a resolver when automatic calls to the network are not desired or are not possible. For example, this type can be used for loading cached external DTDs. Or, you might use XmlPreloadedResolver to preload well-known DTDs that are defined in XHTML 1.0. Preloading well-known DTDs does not invoke any network connections, because these DTDs are already embedded in the System.Xml.Utils assembly. Currently, XmlPreloadedResolver includes DTDs defined in XHTML 1.0 and RSS 0.91.

Note Note:

In your Silverlight project, you must reference the .NET Framework assemblies that are installed with Silverlight, instead of those that are installed with Visual Studio.

How to: Load XHTML with a DTD Reference Using XmlPreloadedResolver

Describes how to load an XHTML file that references one of the DTDs that is included with System.Xml.Utils.dll.

How to: Preload a User-Defined DTD Using XmlPreloadedResolver

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How to: Prepopulate XmlPreloadedResolver with a File Downloaded from URI Location

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