The overviews in this section describe how to draw and paint with Silverlight.

Shapes and Drawing

Provides an overview of how to draw with Shape objects, paint these shapes, and transform them.


Describes how to use Silverlight brush objects to paint with solid colors, linear gradients, radial gradients, and images.

VideoBrush Overview

Describes how to use the Silverlight VideoBrush to paint shapes and text with video, and shows how to interactively control a VideoBrush.


Describes how to use the Silverlight Geometry object to define shapes, and compares Geometry objects with Shape elements.

Path Markup Syntax

Describes the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) usage syntax for describing paths.


Describes how to use the 2-D transform classes to rotate, scale, skew, and move (translate) objects.

3-D Effects (Perspective Transforms)

Describes how to use perspective transforms to create 3-D effects.


Provides an introduction to working with images.

Pixel Shader Effects

Pixel shader effects allow you to add effects, such as grayscale, red eye removal, pixel brightness, and shadows, to rendered objects.

How to: Crop an Object

Demonstrates how to crop an object by clipping out an area of the object's display.

3-D Graphics Overview

Provides an introduction to using 3D graphics in Silverlight.

Walkthrough: Creating and Animating a 3-D Textured Cube in Silverlight

Covers the creation, texturing, and animation of a 3D cube using 3D graphics in Silverlight.

Silverlight Layout System

Shows you how to control the position of objects (for example, shapes, text, and media) within your Silverlight-based application.

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