Audio and Video

Audio and Video


The topics in this section describe how to work with audio and video in Silverlight.

Audio and Video Overview

Introduces the basics of adding audio and video to Silverlight-based applications.

Supported Media Formats, Protocols, and Log Fields

Describes the formats and protocols Silverlight supports for media.

MediaElement States

Provides information about the transitions between the different MediaElement states and how to detect state changes.

Server-Side Playlists

Describes how to create a media playlist on the server and integrate it into a Silverlight-based application.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Describes the system of digital rights management that is provided in Silverlight.

Digital Rights Management (Silverlight 3)

Describes the system of digital rights management that is provided in Silverlight 3.

Webcam and Device Overview

Describes how to capture source input from audio and video devices such as webcams and microphones.

Implementing MediaStream Sources

Describes how to create parsers for container formats and describes delivery mechanisms not natively supported by Silverlight.

Delivering and Accessing Media Content

Describes the steps that are needed to deliver and access media content in Silverlight.

Troubleshooting Media Issues

Describes how to diagnose and solve media issues in Silverlight.

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