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Silverlight Namespace Extensions

Silverlight Namespace Extensions


This section provides reference information for Silverlight namespace XAML constructs that extend the basic XAML language features.

Binding Markup Extension

Defers a property value to be a data-bound value, creating an intermediate expression object and interpreting the data context that applies to the element at run time.

StaticResource Markup Extension

Provides a value for any XAML property attribute by evaluating a reference to an already defined resource in a ResourceDictionary.

TemplateBinding Markup Extension

Links the value of a property in a control template to the value of some other exposed property on the templated control. This can be used only within a ControlTemplate definition in XAML.

RelativeSource Markup Extension

Provides a means to specify the source of a binding in terms of a relative relationship in the run-time object graph.

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