HealthServiceActionPage Class (Microsoft.Health.Web)


A redirector page to be used as the "action" page for Health Service applications.
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Declaration Syntax

Public Class HealthServiceActionPage
	Inherits HealthServicePage
public class HealthServiceActionPage : HealthServicePage
public __gc class HealthServiceActionPage : public HealthServicePage
public class HealthServiceActionPage extends HealthServicePage


All Health Service applications are required to expose a set of URLs for information and functionality that they expose. For instance, all applications must expose a Service Agreement, privacy statement, a home page, help, etc.

This page acts as a simple redirector for these action pages such that the application can easily configure these action pages through their web.config file.

To use this page, create an action.aspx file at the URL that was specified for the "action URL" when your application was registered. That action.aspx file should point to this class for it's implementation. In your web.config file, add entries for each of the action URLs that your application supports using WCPage_Action as the prefix for the key. For example, for the Service Agreement action URL create a setting in the web.config with key WCPage_ActionServiceAgreement and value containing the URL to your application Service Agreement.

The page should also contain some text stating that the application doesn't support the particular action in case the redirect doesn't occur. The action that is being requested can be found in the Action property and the action query string can be found the ActionQueryString property.


Namespace: Microsoft.Health.Web
Assembly: Microsoft.Health.Web (