Using the Data Provider for SAP with SSIS

You can use the .NET Framework Data Provider for mySAP Business Suite along with SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) to import data from an SAP system into SQL Server database tables, flat files, or other compatible destination types. You can create an SSIS package that can be executed to import data from an SAP system.

You must use the SQL Server Import and Export wizard to import data into the SQL Server database. You must provide a select query to specify data to be imported. The query must confirm to the semantics supported by the Data Provider for SAP. For more information about the grammar for a SELECT query for the Data Provider for SAP, see Syntax for a SELECT Statement.

You can start the SQL Server Import Export Wizard either from the SQL Server Management Studio or from an Integration Service project in Visual Studio. This section provides instructions on running the wizard from both the Management Studio and Visual Studio interfaces.