Configuring Dynamic Ports

In BizTalk Server, you can configure dynamic ports for a WCF-Custom adapter. Because SAP adapter is a WCF-based adapter, you can dynamically configure a port for the SAP adapter by using message context properties.

For the SAP adapter, the URI, action, and binding might be determined from a property on an incoming message, and then specified in the Expression shape, as shown in the following example:

Request2 = Request1;
Request2(WCF.BindingType) = "sapBinding";

In the preceding example:

  • Request2 message is being created from Request1 message. Both the messages map to an operation schema, which is generated using the Consume Adapter Service BizTalk Project Add-in.

  • SendPort is the name of the logical send port in the BizTalk orchestration.

The Expression shape is part of the BizTalk orchestration. When you deploy the orchestration, the WCF-Custom send port is also created.

For more information on configuring dynamic ports, see "Configuring Dynamic Send Ports Using WCF Adapters Context Properties" at