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WMI Provider Error Messages

Office 2003
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

WMI Provider Error Messages

If you make an error in your WMI script or when using the WBemtest tool, you will receive an error code without a corresponding description.

The following table contains descriptions of error codes returned by the Live Communications Server 2050 WMI provider:

HRESULTError Message
0xC3EC7D00LInt value was not in the range specified by the metadata.
0xC3EC7D01LString value was longer than the maximum number of characters allowed.
0xC3EC7D02LDuplicate found and duplicates are not allowed.
0xC3EC7D03LEnum value not defined.
0xC3EC7D04LValue was NULL and NULL is not allowed.
0xC3EC7D05LValue validation failed - generic error. More info in the error data structure.
0xC3EC7D06LType supplied was different than the one specified in the metadata.
0xC3EC7D07LInvalid GUID format.
0xC3EC7D08LKey column value is NULL.
0xC3EC7D09LTrying to create 2nd instance on a singleton class.
0xC3EC7D0ALStore is corrupt in some way.
0xC3EC7D0BLOperation specified(create, update, etc) is not valid for this class.
0xC3EC7D0CLInvalid IP address (could be a valid FQDN though).
0xC3EC7D0DLFQDN) address.
0xC3EC7D0ELDuplicate Key Found <= not currently used.
0xC3EC7D0FLA read-only property is modified.
0xC3EC7D64LMSFT_SIPFederationDirectPartnerTable: Friendly name is already associated with another EP.
0xC3EC7D65LMSFT_SIPFederationDirectPartnerTable: Specified EP address is already associated with another friendly name.
0xC3EC7D66LMSFT_SIPFederationDirectPartnerTable: Specified domain is already present in the Denied Domain List.
0xC3EC7D67LMSFT_SIPFederationExternalEdgeSetting: Default Route is NULL and UseDefaultRoute is not FALSE.
0xC3EC7D68LMSFT_SIPFederationExternalEdgeListeningPortData: MTLS flags are not valid.
0xC3EC7D69LMSFT_SIPFederationExternalEdgeListeningPortData: Port is already configured.
0xC3EC7D6ALMSFT_SIPGlobalFederationSetting: RouteToEnterpriseEdge is NULL when EnableRouteToEnterpriseEdge is TRUE.
0xC3EC7D6BLMSFT_SIPGlobalFederationSetting: RouteToEnterpriseEdgePort is NULL when EnableRouteToEnterpriseEdge is TRUE.
0xC3EC7D6CLMSFT_SIPFederationListeningAddressData: IPAddress is already being used on the other edge.
0xC3EC7D6DLMSFT_SIPTroubleshootingSetting. MSFT_SIPApplicationSetting: File or dir path is not valid.
0xC3EC7D6ELMSFT_SIPTroubleshootingSetting: File or dir path is NULL when flat file logging is enabled.
0xC3EC7D6FLMSFT_SIPTroubleshootingSetting: Low Water Mark => High Water Mark.
0xC3EC7D71LMSFT_SIPRemoteAddressData: Already an existing entry with the same server name.
0xC3EC7D72LMSFT_SIPFederationDirectPartnerTable: Specified domain is already present in another entry.
0xC3EC7D73LMSFT_SIPProxySecuritySetting: Realm is empty when DefaultRealm is set to FALSE.
0xC3EC7D74LMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData, MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: TLSCertSN is not NULL and TLSCertIssuer is NULL.
0xC3EC7D75L MSFT_SIPRoutingTableData, MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: TransportType is TCP, and both TLSCertIssuer and TLSCertSN are not NULL.
0xC3EC7D76L MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: TransportType is TLS or MTLS and TLSCertIssuer is NULL.
0xC3EC7D77L MSFT_SIPEsGlobalRegistrarSetting: (MinRegistrationExpiry <= DefRegistrationExpiry <= MaxRegistrationExpiry) is not true.
0xC3EC7D78L MSFT_SIPEsGlobalRegistrarSetting: (MinRoamingDataSubscriptionExpiry <= DefRoamingDataSubscriptionExpiry <= MaxRoamingDataSubscriptionExpiry) is not true.
0xC3EC7D79L MSFT_SIPEsGlobalRegistrarSetting: (MinPresenceSubscriptionExpiry <= DefPresenceSubscriptionExpiry <= MaxPresenceSubscriptionExpiry) is not true.
0xC3EC7D7AL MSFT_SIPEsGlobalSearchSetting: MaxNumRows > NumRowsServerRequests.
0xC3EC7D7BL MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: An existing instance clashes with the new instance.
0xC3EC7D7CL MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: An existing instance contains a generic address that encompasses specified address.
0xC3EC7D7DL MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: An existing instance contains a specific address that clashes with specified address.
0xC3EC7D7EL MSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: An existing route which clashes with the new instance.
0xC3EC7D7FL MSFT_SIPApplicationSetting: An existing application setting with the same URI.
0xC3EC7D80L MSFT_SIPApplicationPriorityList: Trying to insert/ delete items from the priority list (not allowed).
0xC3EC7D81L MSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: SIP URI is not valid (doesn't confirm to the RFC rules) - any syntax errors.
0xC3EC7D82L MSFT_SIPRoutingTableData, MSFT_SIPDomainData: Supplied value is neither a valid IP nor a valid FQDN.
0xC3EC7D83L MSFT_SIPDomainData: Duplicate domain data entry (MMC only).
0xC3EC7D84L MSFT_SIPLogSetting: Invalid MSMQ queue path
0xC3EC7D85L MSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: User part of the URI is not valid.
0xC3EC7D86L MSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: Host part of the URI is not valid.
0xC3EC7D87L MSFT_SIPLogSetting: Invalid ack queue path.
0xC3EC7D88L MSFT_SIPLogServiceSetting: Invalid MSMQ queue name.
0xC3EC7D89L MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not empty when Type is All.
0xC3EC7D8AL MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not a valid domain name when Type is Domain.
0xC3EC7D8BL MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not a valid domain name when Type is Domain.
0xC3EC7D8CL MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not a valid URI when Type is All.
0xC3EC7D8DL MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Invalid combination of Presence and Communications flags.
0xC3EC7D8EL MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Duplicate ACE when Type is All.
0xC3EC7D8FL MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Duplicate ACE when Type is Domain.
0xC3EC7D90L MSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Duplicate ACE when Type is User
0x03EC7D91L Value validation succeeded with a warning.
0x03EC7D92L Queue was not validated because it is not on the local machines.
0x03EC7D93L File or dir path was not validated because it is not on the local machines.
0xC3EC7D94L Total number of entry in the WMI list exceeds max allowed to display in the property page.
0xC3EC7D95L Certificate does not have AT_KEYEXCHANGE property and cannot be used for encryption/decryption and sign in.
0xC3EC7D96LCertificate does not have a subject.
0xC3EC7D97LMSFT_SIPFederationExternalEdgeSetting: Both UseDefaultRoute and IsClearingHouse is true.
0xC3EC7D98LMSFT_SIPLogOptions: ArchivingBEToken contains invalid SIP characters.
0xC3EC7D99LMSFT_SIPLogServiceSetting: ArchivingDBPath cannot start with "(local)" or "." .
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