Using the Live Communications Server Application API
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Using the Live Communications Server Application API

Office 2003
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

Using the Live Communications Server Application API

The following documentation provides material and example code useful to Live Communications Server application developers, from creating the initial application manifest to installing and managing the finished SIP application.

Deploying Applications in New Server TopologiesDiscusses application deployment with respect to new server roles in Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1.
Migrating Applications to Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1Describes how to migrate applications written for Live Communications Server 2003 to Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1.
Creating an Application ManifestDescribes the process of creating an application manifest for a SIP application running on Live Communications Server.
Writing a Message Filter ScriptProvides sample code for writing a script that dynamically routes requests to specific endpoints registered with Live Communications Server User Services.
Creating a SIP Application for Live Communications ServerDescribes the process of creating a SIP proxy application for Live Communications Server.
Creating a Multi-Threaded SIP ApplicationDecribes how to thread dispatched SIP messages for efficient service by an application.
Managing Server Agent Object Lifetimes Describes how to dispose of objects whose lifetimes are dictated by a server agent.
Configuring Garbage Collection on the ServerDescribes how to configure garbage collection to optimize application performance.
Synchronizing Access to Transaction ObjectsDetails how to synchronize thread access to SIP transaction objects.
Debugging a SIP ApplicationDescribes approaches for successfully debugging SIP applications created with this API suite.
Registering a SIP Application with Live Communications ServerDetails the process for registering a SIP application with the Live Communications Server.
Managing a SIP Application on Live Communications ServerDetails specific WMI classes used for managing a SIP application installed on the Live Communications Server.
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