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MSFT_SIPFederationDeniedDomainSetting class

Office 2003
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1


The MSFT_SIPFederationAutoFedAllowedDomainData class specifies external domains for which enhanced federation is enhabled. Each domain with which enhanced federation is enabled is represented by an instance of this class.

The following syntax is simplified from MOF code and includes all inherited properties.

class MSFT_SIPFederationAutoFedAllowedDomainData
  [key] string DomainName;


This class does not define any methods.


The MSFT_SIPFederationAutoFedAllowedDomainData class has the following property.

Data type: [key] string

The FQDN of an external domain with which enhanced federation is enabled. This value cannot be an asterisk and cannot be NULL.

This property is required and can be updated.


Server: Installed on Windows Server 2003 with Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1.
Namespace: Defined in \root\cimv2.

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