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External .NET Framework Class Reference

External .NET Framework Class Reference

Office 2003
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

External .NET Framework Class Reference

External .NET Framework Classes used by Microsoft.Rtc.Sip

  • System.ApplicationException class
  • System.Array class
  • System.Attribute class
  • System.Boolean class
  • System.Byte class
  • System.DateTime class
  • System.EventArgs class
  • System.Exception class
  • System.Int32 class
  • System.Object class
  • System.String class
  • System.Type class
  • System.Collections.ArrayList class
  • System.Threading.Thread class
  • System.Threading.ThreadPool class
  • System.Threading.WaitHandle class
  • System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity class

External .NET Framework Delegates used by Microsoft.Rtc.Sip

  • System.Threading.WaitCallback delegate

External .NET Framework Interfaces used by Microsoft.Rtc.Sip

  • System.IDisposable interface
  • System.Collections.ICollection interface
  • System.Collections.IEnumerable interface
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