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Creating an Allow and Block List

Office 2003
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

Creating an Allow and Block List

The following Visual Basic Script code sample demonstrates how to create an entry in an allow and block list for a specific user. To execute this code successfully, you must be a member of the Live Communications Server Domain User Admin group.

Creating an Allow and Block List Entry

Public Function CreateAllowAndBlockListEntry(UserInstanceID, ACEType, Mask, Presence, Communication)

		Wscript.Echo "Adding ACE: " & ACEType & " " & Mask & " " & " " & Presence & " " & Communication
		Set DefaultACEInstance = GetObject("WinMgmts:MSFT_SIPESUserACEData")

		'Do error checking here.

		Set NewACEInstance = DefaultACEInstance.SpawnInstance_

		' Populate the properties of the new allow and block list entry instance.
		' Note that UserInstanceID must be a GUID corresponding to a homed Live Communications User.

		NewACEInstance.UserInstanceID = UserInstanceID
		NewACEInstance.Type = ACEType
		NewACEInstance.Mask = Mask
		NewACEInstance.Presence = Presence
		NewACEInstance.Communication = Communication

		NewACEInstance.Put_ 0	

		'Do error checking here.
		CreateAllowAndBlockListEntry = true
End Function
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