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Office 2007

Contains the settings in a profile used by Microsoft Office Outlook to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server by using a remote procedure call (RPC) over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Quick Info

Exposed by:Profile section objects
Property type:PT_LONG
Property tag:0x66230003


The PR_ROH_FLAGS property is stored in the Global Profile Section of a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) profile.

The value of PR_ROH_FLAGS is a bitmask that is made up of one or more of the following flags:

ROHFLAGS_USE_ROH - Connect to the Exchange Server using RPC over HTTP.
ROHFLAGS_SSL_ONLY - Connect to the Exchange Server using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) only.
ROHFLAGS_MUTUAL_AUTH - Mutually authenticate the session when connecting by using SSL.
ROHFLAGS_HTTP_FIRST_ON_FAST - On fast networks, connect by using HTTP first. Then, connect by using TCP/IP.
ROHFLAGS_HTTP_FIRST_ON_SLOW - On slow networks, connect by using HTTP first. Then, connect by using TCP/IP.

For example, to set the PR_ROH_FLAGS property to turn on RPC over HTTP, to require SSL, and to specify that the HTTP protocol should be used first on slow connections, set the value of the PR_ROH_FLAGS property to ROHFLAGS_USE_ROH | ROHFLAGS_SSL_ONLY | ROHFLAGS_HTTP_FIRST_ON_SLOW which is equal to 0x23.

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