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SdkMessageProcessingStepImageRegistration Class (CrmService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Identifies a named list of entity attributes whose values are to be made available at run-time to a registered plug-in.

The SdkMessageProcessingStepImageRegistration class exposes the following members.

SdkMessageProcessingStepImageRegistrationInitializes a new instance of the SdkMessageProcessingStepImageRegistration class.

Instance PropertyDescription
AttributesGets or sets the attributes of the target entity that are to be passed to a plug-in.
EntityAliasGets or sets the key name which is used to access the image in an image property bag.
ImageTypeGets or sets the type of image. Refer to EntityImageType.
MessagePropertyNameGets or sets the name of the property on the Request message.


Note that a pre-image on a Create message and a post-image on a Delete message are not supported. This is due to the fact that the entity does not exist at that stage in the execution pipeline.


Web Service: CrmService

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