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GetDistinctValuesImportFileRequest Class (CrmService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Contains the data needed to retrieve distinct values from the parse table for a column in the source file that contains list values.

The GetDistinctValuesImportFileRequest class inherits from Request. It exposes the following members.

GetDistinctValuesImportFileRequestInitializes a new instance of the GetDistinctValuesImportFileRequest class.

Instance PropertyDescription
columnNumberGets or sets a column number in the CSV source file for which the distinct values are returned.
ImportFileIdGets or sets in ID of the import file that is associated with the source file.
pageNumberGets or sets the page number.
recordsPerPageGets or sets the number of distinct values per page.


Pass an instance of this class as the request parameter in the Execute method.

If you set the pageNumber to 1 and the recordsPerPage to 10, then the first ten distinct values are retrieved. If the pageNumber and recordsPerPage properties are set to zero, then the distinct values for all data records in the source file are returned.


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