This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Collision Rules for Import and Export

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

If there are conflicts between objects in the import file and the target system, one of the following actions is taken:

  • Overwrite. The object definition in the import file overwrites the object on the target system.
  • Error. A SOAP exception that contains the error code is thrown.
  • New Object. A new object is created on the target system with the same name.
  • Skip. The object definition in the import file is skipped.

The following table describes the possible import collision conditions.

ObjectCollision conditionCollision action taken
Modifiable entity propertiesSame entity name, different propertyOverwrite
Non-modifiable entity propertiesSame entity nameError
Modifiable1 attribute propertiesSame entity name, same attribute name, Overwrite
Non-modifiable attribute propertiesSame entity name, same attribute name Error
FormsSame nameOverwrite
ViewsSame nameOverwrite
Attribute mappingsDifferent attribute mappings for a source/target pairOverwrite
TemplatesSame nameOverwrite
Isv.configSame name Overwrite
Modifiable1 custom relationship propertiesSame primary/related entity, different propertyOverwrite
Modifiable1 customer relationship propertiesSame name, different propertyNew object
Non-modifiable customer relationship propertiesSame name, different propertyError
Custom security roleSame IDMerge
System security roleSame nameOverwrite
System security roleSystem AdministratorSkip

1 - Modifiable in the Web application.

Rules for Labels in Multiple Languages

If you import a customization file that contains customizations (labels) in a different language, the languages are merged. If labels are missing, they are taken from the base language.

The following table shows an example.

Source systemDestination systemResult
base language:

1041 (Japanese)

additional languages:

1049 (Russian)

1033 (English – US)

base language:

1036 (French)

additional languages

1049 (Russian)

Because no labels for 1036 are contained with the file the Import process substitutes them with the 1041 labels (the base language of System A).

The labels for 1049 are processed normally.

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