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AttributeMap Entity Capabilities

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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This entity represents a mapping between two attributes.

If the attribute is a picklist, make sure that the option values are identical between the two picklists. When values are added to a picklist, the values are assigned an integer based on the order in which the values are added. For two picklists to be identical, the integer values must also be identical. If values were not added in the same order, the label for the option value on the target attribute can be edited so that the values represent a valid mapping as long as this does not affect existing data. If you later modify either picklist, you must also remember to modify the other picklist to keep them synchronized. If there are invalid picklist attribute mappings, the target picklist attribute will use the default picklist value.

The class for this entity is attributemap. For this class, you can use the messages listed in the following table with the Execute method.

RetrieveUse this message to retrieve an attribute mapping.

The entity instance to retrieve is specified in the TargetRetrieveAttributeMap class.

You can also call the Retrieve method.

RetrieveMultipleUse this message to retrieve a collection of attribute mappings.

The query expression that describes the entity instances to retrieve is specified in the Query property of this request.

You can also call the RetrieveMultiple method.

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