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Using Optional Parameters in Messages

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Optional parameters can be passed into any message request by setting the Request.OptionalParameters property to a subclass of the OptionalParameter class.

The following messages support passing optional parameters:

MessageOptional parameter classDescription
BackgroundSendEmailCallPriorityOptionalParameterSpecifies the run time priority of the request.


CreateDuplicatesOptionalParameterSpecifies whether to create or update an entity instance if a duplicate is found.
N/AExportIdsOptionalParameterFor internal use only.
N/AOfflineDataOptionalParameterFor internal use only.


PersistInSyncOptionalParameterSpecifies whether duplicate detection is done synchronously or asynchronously.
BulkDeleteRegardingObjectIdOptionalParameterSpecifies the entity instance to set the value of the asyncoperation.regardingobjectid property in an asynchronous operation for bulk delete.
Any message that can be used in an asynchronous operation.RequestIdOptionalParameterSpecifies a GUID to set the value of the asyncoperation.requestid property in any asynchronous operation.

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