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New Entity Classes in CrmService

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table lists the new entities in the CrmService Web service.

Entity nameDescription
asyncoperationRepresents a system job, which is a process whose execution can continue independently or in the background.
attributemapRepresents a mapping between two attributes.
bulkdeletefailureRepresents a bulk-delete failure in which a record was not deleted during a bulk deletion job.
bulkdeleteoperationRepresents an asynchronous bulk delete job submitted by the BulkDelete message.
businesstaskFor internal use only.
columnmappingRepresents mapping between a column in a source file and an entity attribute in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
duplicaterecordRepresents a duplicate entity instance detected by the duplicate detection job.
duplicateruleRepresents a duplicate detection rule based on which duplicate entity instances are detected for a specified entity type.
duplicateruleconditionRepresents matching criteria in the duplicate detection rule that are used to detect duplicate entity instances in the system.
entitymapRepresents a mapping between two entities.
importRepresents status and ownership for import and data migration jobs.
importdataFor internal use only.
importfileRepresents a logical source file that is used in import and data migration.
importjobRepresents status and progress information for an import operation that imports entity customizations or translations.
importlogRepresents a log file for import and data migration jobs.
importmapRepresents a data map that is used for data migration and import.
isvconfigRepresents the configuration file for the navigation pane, toolbar, and menus.
lookupmappingRepresents a mapping between a column in a source file that contains a lookup value and an entity attribute of type lookup.
mailmergetemplateRepresents a template for a mail merge document.
notificationFor internal use only.
organizationuiRepresents application settings for an organization.
ownermappingRepresents a mapping between a column in a source file that contains a name of an owner of data migration and data import operations and a system user.
picklistmappingRepresents the mapping between a column in a source file that contains a list value and an entity attribute of type picklist, Boolean, state, or status.
pluginassemblyRepresents an assembly that contains one or more plug-in or custom workflow activity types.
reportRepresents data summarized in an easy-to-read layout.
reportcategoryRepresents the categories related to a report. A report can be related to multiple categories.
reportentityRepresents the entities related to a report. A report can be related to multiple entities.
reportlinkRepresents links and dependencies between reporting services reports. A report may drill through to another report, or it may have another report as a subreport.
reportvisibilityRepresents the area in which to show a report. A report can be shown in multiple areas.
savedqueryvisualizationRepresents a visualization that is owned by an organization. This entity is available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only.
sdkmessageRepresents a message that is supported by the SDK.
sdkmessagefilterRepresents a filter that defines which SDK messages are valid for each type of entity.
sdkmessageprocessingstepRepresents an entity that defines how a plug-in or custom workflow activity should be registered in a stage of the event execution pipeline and under what conditions it should be executed.
sdkmessageprocessingstepimageRepresents a copy of an entity's attributes before or after the core platform operation.
sdkmessageprocessingstepsecureconfigRepresents a nonpublic custom configuration that is passed to a plug-in's constructor.
subscriptionFor internal use only.
subscriptionclientsFor internal use only.
subscriptionsyncinfoFor internal use only.
timezonedefinitionStores basic information about each supported time zone including the time zone code and the time zone name. This information is read-only.
timezonelocalizednameStores the localized time zone names.
timezoneruleStores information about how times are calculated.
transactioncurrencyRepresents a transaction currency and an exchange rate in relation to the base transaction currency.
transformationmappingRepresents the mapping between the transformation of the source attribute and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM attribute.
transformationparametermappingRepresents an input or an output parameter that is used in transformation mapping.
webwizardFor internal use only.
wizardaccessprivilegeFor internal use only.
wizardpageFor internal use only.
workflowRepresents a series of interrelated action steps and the workflow rules that drive the transition between these steps.
workflowdependencyRepresents a dependency that a workflow has on a piece of information in the system.
workflowlogRepresents a log of the information generated by a running workflow.

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