Document Conventions

Document Conventions

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table shows the typographic conventions used in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK documentation.

MonospaceIndicates source code, code examples, input to the command prompt, application output, and code lines embedded in text, variables, and code elements.
public class
BoldIndicates most predefined programming elements, including namespaces, classes, delegates, objects, interfaces, methods, functions, macros, structures, constructors, properties, events, enumerations, fields, operators, statements, directives, data types, keywords, exceptions, non-HTML attributes, and configuration tags, as well as registry keys, sub-keys, and values. It also indicates the following HTML elements: attributes, directives, keywords, values, and headers.

In addition, it indicates required user input, including command-line options, which must be entered exactly as shown.

public Guid Create(BusinessEntity entity);

ItalicIndicates placeholders, most frequently method or function parameters and HTML placeholders; these placeholders represent information that must be supplied by the implementation or by the user.

For command-line input, it indicates parameter values.

context parameter

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