ISV.Config XML Reference
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ISV.Config XML Reference

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

The following table lists the XML Schema definition language (XSD) elements used in the configuration file. The configuration element is the root node.

Element NameDescription
ActionsMenuRepresents the Menu element in the entity grid view.
AppointmentBookProvides settings for tuning the performance of the service calendar.
ButtonRepresents a button on a toolbar.
ButtonsRepresents the ToolBar Element in the entity grid view.
configurationRepresents the root element in the configuration file.
CustomMenusRepresents the custom menus to be added to a menu bar.
EntitiesRepresents the set of entities that can be shown in a detail form window.
EntityRepresents an entity that can be shown in a detail form window.
GridRepresents the grid view for an entity in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.
MenuRepresents a new menu to be added to the custom menus for a menu bar.
MenuBarRepresents a new menu bar.
MenuItemRepresents an item in a menu.
MenuSpacerRepresents a separator line in a menu.
NavBarAreasContains custom NavBarArea elements.
NavBarAreaContains the Titles element to replace the standard Details, Sales, Service, and Marketing area labels found in entities with 1:N relationships that are visible in the entity form.
NavBarRepresents a container for side tabs added to the navigation pane in a detail form window.
NavBarItemRepresents a side tab added to the navigation pane in the main window of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.
RootSpecifies the container for elements added to the main Microsoft Dynamics CRM application window.
ServiceManagementGroups elements that control the appearance and behavior of the service calendar.
SmoothScrollLimitSpecifies the limit when smooth scrolling is used based on the number of blocks rendered in the service calendar.
SubMenuRepresents a submenu in a menu.
TimeBlockSpecifies settings that control the appearance of the rendered blocks in the service calendar.
TimeBlocksSpecifies a collection of TimeBlock elements.
TitleRepresents a localized title for the Titles element.
TitlesDefines the possible localized titles that will be displayed in the element.
ToolBarRepresents a toolbar in an entity detail form.
ToolBarSpacerRepresents a spacer that is added between toolbar buttons.
ToolTipRepresents a localized Tooltip for the Tooltips element.
ToolTipsDefines the possible Tool Tips that will be displayed in the Button.
ValidationChunkSizeSpecifies the number of appointments or service activities that are passed to the server at a time to check for scheduling errors in the service calendar.

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