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IFRAME Attributes

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table shows some of the common IFRAME attributes used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The documentation for IFRAME can be found at

IdSpecifies the string that identifies the object. This has the prefix "IFRAME_".
srcThe DHTML attribute that defines the current page being displayed in the IFRAME. Modify the src attribute in code to change the target of the IFRAME. The source attribute is set to /<org name>/_root/Blank.aspx until the page in the IFRAME loads.
urlA Microsoft Dynamics CRM attribute that defines the target defined for the IFRAME. If Pass Parameters is set, the url will include the parameters as a querystring.
Pass ParametersSpecifies to pass parameters to the target of the IFRAME. For more information, see Passing Parameters to an IFRAME.
SecurityIndicates whether the source file of an IFRAME has specific security restrictions applied. The default setting is to restrict cross-frame scripting. This is the most secure setting. Removing this restriction enables you to include code from different domains on the events of the form to change properties of the IFRAME.
ScrollingIndicates whether the frame can be scrolled.

The HTML that creates the IFRAME is similar to the following:

<iframe id="IFRAME_<id>" src="<URL>" security="restricted" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM url attribute defines the URL that will be loaded into the IFRAME. You can modify the page displayed using Jscript on the OnLoad or OnChange events using the src attribute. Modifying the url attribute will not change the page viewed in the IFRAME. Use the crmForm.all collection with the ID of the IFRAME to access the src attribute, as shown in the following code sample:


To set an IFRAME field as a script dependent, you must supply a value for the Label attribute in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization form.

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