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Client Extensions and Scripting

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

This section describes ways to customize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application by extending the clients and scripting.

In This Section

Client Extension and Scripting Capabilities

Provides a general overview of how the client-side customization capabilities and how they work together.

Client Extensions

Explains how to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients using SiteMap, ISV.Config, and IFrames.

Form Scripting

Describes the form events available for scripting and how to add and test scripts.

Accessing Web Services in JScript

Explains how to access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web services and other web services from your custom scripts.

Related Sections

SDK Access to Customizations

Lists the mechanisms for accessing customizations using the SDK.

Client Programming Walkthroughs

These walkthroughs demonstrate concepts used to extend the Web client.

Scripting Sample Code

This section provides examples of how to perform specific tasks using scripts.

Global Scripting Reference

The global functions and variables described here can be used in both forms and in code configured for ISV.Config.

Form Programming Reference

The properties and methods of forms and the properties and methods of fields within the forms are the foundation of programming within forms.

SiteMap XML Reference

Documents the valid XML elements used when configuring the SiteMap to customize application navigation.

ISV.Config XML Reference

Documents the valid XML elements used when configuring the ISV.Config to add client extension controls such as menu items, buttons and entity navigation bar items.

Customizing Help

Explains how to modify the online Help files for the On-Premises version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to add information that is specific to your organization.

User Interface Style Guide

Explains how to design custom Web pages that you can integrate with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Web client and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook.

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