This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves the text of a list view item or subitem.

int GetItemText(
   int nItem,
   int nSubItem,
   LPTSTR lpszText,
   int nLen 
) const;
CString GetItemText(
   int nItem,
   int nSubItem 
) const;



The index of the item whose text is to be retrieved.


Specifies the subitem whose text is to be retrieved.


Pointer to a string that is to receive the item text.


Length of the buffer pointed to by lpszText.

The version returning int returns the length of the retrieved string.

The version returning a CString returns the item text.

If nSubItem is zero, this function retrieves the item label; if nSubItem is nonzero, it retrieves the text of the subitem. For more information on the subitem argument, see the discussion of the LVITEM structure in the Platform SDK.