The NL_PASSWORD_VERSION structure defines a password version number that is used to distinguish between different versions of information passed in the Buffer field of the NL_TRUST_PASSWORD structure. The NL_PASSWORD_VERSION structure SHOULD<22> be prepended to the password in the buffer of NL_TRUST_PASSWORD. This structure is only used for interdomain trust accounts.

 typedef struct _NL_PASSWORD_VERSION {
   ULONG ReservedField;
   ULONG PasswordVersionNumber;
   ULONG PasswordVersionPresent;

ReservedField: MUST be set to zero when sent and MUST be ignored on receipt.

PasswordVersionNumber: Integer value that contains the current password version number. The password version number is incremented by one when a new password is generated; the value for the first password is one.

PasswordVersionPresent: MUST be 0x02231968, which is a constant used to indicate that the password version number is present and is stored in PasswordVersionNumber. This member is relevant only for server-to-server communication.