This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Constructs a CImage object.

CImage( ) throw( );

Once you have constructed the object, call Create, Load, LoadFromResource, or Attach to attach a bitmap to the object.

Note   In Visual Studio .NET 2003, this class keeps a count of the number of CImage objects created. Whenever the count goes to 0, the function GdiplusShutdown is automatically called to release resources used by GDI+. This ensures that any CImage objects created directly or indirectly by DLLs are always destroyed properly and that GdiplusShutdown is not called from DllMain.

Using global CImage objects in a DLL is not recommended. If you need to use a global CImage object in a DLL, call CImage::ReleaseGDIPlus to explicitly release resources used by GDI+.


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