Storing HTML Elements in the Toolbox
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Storing HTML Elements in the Toolbox

Visual Studio .NET 2003

After you have placed text and objects on a page, you can drag them from the page and store them in the Toolbox. This is useful if you have customized an object or text and want to keep it for use in other projects.

To store an element in the Toolbox

  1. Select one or more elements in the document, and drag them to the General tab in the Toolbox.
  2. Right-click the element in the Toolbox, and select Rename Item from its shortcut menu.
  3. Type a descriptive name for this item.
    Note   Elements that you drag to the Toolbox are attached to the integrated development environment (IDE) rather than to the document. Consequently, whatever you drag to the Toolbox from one document remains available while you work on other documents.

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