The DRS_MSG_ADDENTRYREPLY_V1 structure defines the response message received from the IDL_DRSAddEntry method. This response version is obsolete.<8>

 typedef struct {
   GUID Guid;
   NT4SID Sid;
   DWORD errCode;
   DWORD dsid;
   DWORD extendedErr;
   DWORD extendedData;
   USHORT problem;

Guid: The objectGUID of the added object.

Sid: The objectSid of the added object.

errCode: 0 if successful or a DIRERR error code (section if a fatal error occurred.

dsid: The implementation-specific diagnostic code.

extendedErr: 0, STATUS code, or Windows error code.

extendedData: The implementation-specific diagnostic code.

problem: 0 or PROBLEM error code (section