We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Converts (maps) a set of points from the coordinate space of the CWnd to the coordinate space of another window.

void MapWindowPoints( 
   CWnd* pwndTo, 
   LPRECT lpRect  
) const; 
void MapWindowPoints( 
   CWnd* pwndTo, 
   LPPOINT lpPoint, 
   UINT nCount  
) const;


Identifies the window to which points are converted. If this parameter is NULL, the points are converted to screen coordinates.


Specifies the rectangle whose points are to be converted. The first version of this function is available only for Windows 3.1 and later.


A pointer to an array of POINT structures that contain the set of points to be converted.


Specifies the number of POINT structures in the array pointed to by lpPoint.

Header: afxwin.h