This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Projects

The project is the starting point for authoring applications, components, and services in Visual Studio .NET. It acts as a container that manages your source code, data connections, and references. A project is organized as part of a solution, which can contain multiple projects that are interdependent of each other. The topics in this section describe the various tasks involved in creating and managing Visual Basic and Visual C# projects.

In This Section

Local vs. Web Projects
Explains the essential differences between these two project models.
File Properties
Describes property settings that indicate what actions the project system should perform on the files.
Visual Basic and Visual C# Projects
Provides a list of the types of projects that can be created with project templates.
Referencing Namespaces and Components
Provides links to topics about adding, removing, fixing, and managing project references.
Working with Web Projects
Provides links to topics about tasks involved in working with Web projects.
Resource File Naming Conventions
Provides links to information about XML and non-XML assembly-manifest resource files.
Configuring Applications Using Dynamic Properties
Describes how to configure your projects so that some project properties are stored to a configuration file instead of inside the compiled code.

Related Sections

File Types and File Extensions in Visual Basic and Visual C#
Lists and describes the file extensions for all files available in Visual Basic and Visual C# projects.
Project Changes in Visual Basic .NET
Summarizes how projects are different than they were in Visual Basic 6.0.
Visual Basic Code Example Topics
Lists quickstart-like code examples that help you perform common tasks in Visual Basic .NET.
Decision Chart
Provides a graphical, linked guide to decisions about designing your application.
Describes how to resolve logic and semantic errors by using the Visual Studio Debugger.
Tracing and Instrumenting Applications in Visual Basic and Visual C#
Describes how to monitor the execution of your application while it is running.
Build Configurations
Describes options for building and deploying solutions and projects.
Default and Custom Builds
Gives an overview of creating standard and custom builds from within the IDE.
Devenv Command Line Switches
Provides the standard command line switches for Visual Studio.
Visual Basic Compiler Options
Provides compiler command line options for Visual Basic.
C# Compiler Options
Provides compiler options for Visual C#.
Refreshing Items in Solution Explorer
Describes how to incorporate changes made by other users into your project.
What's New in Projects
Lists and briefly describes the major new Visual Basic project features, including deployment projects.
Adding New Project Items
Provides step-by-step instructions on adding new project items.
Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items
Gives an overview of solutions and projects.
Deployment Projects
Recommends which kind of deployment project to use for your application or component.
Removing, Deleting, and Excluding Items
Provides instructions for how to remove, delete, or exclude items in Visual Studio.
Setting Visual Basic Project Properties
Provides step-by-step instructions on how to access project properties.
Setting Visual C# Project Properties
Provides descriptions of Visual C# project property settings.
Programming with Office
Provides information on using Microsoft Office and Visual Studio .NET as part of your business application.