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CGlobalHeap Class
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CGlobalHeap Class

This class implements IAtlMemMgr using the Win32 global heap functions.

Important note Important

This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

class CGlobalHeap : public IAtlMemMgr




Call this method to allocate a block of memory.


Call this method to free a block of memory allocated by this memory manager.


Call this method to get the allocated size of a memory block allocated by this memory manager.


Call this method to reallocate memory allocated by this memory manager.

CGlobalHeap implements memory allocation functions using the Win32 global heap functions.

Note Note

The global heap functions are slower than other memory management functions and do not provide as many features. Therefore, new applications should use the heap functions. These are available in the CWin32Heap class. Global functions are still used by DDE and the clipboard functions.

See the example for IAtlMemMgr.



Header: atlmem.h

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