Compiler Warning (level 3) C4101


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identifier' : unreferenced local variable

The local variable is never used. This warning will occur in the obvious situation:

// C4101a.cpp  
// compile with: /W3  
int main() {  
int i;   // C4101  

However, this warning will also occur when calling a static member function through an instance of the class:

// C4101b.cpp  
// compile with:  /W3  
struct S {  
   static int func()  
      return 1;  
int main() {  
   S si;   // C4101, si is never used  
   int y = si.func();  
   return y;  

In this situation, the compiler uses information about si to access the static function, but the instance of the class is not needed to call the static function; hence the warning. To resolve this warning, you could:

  • Add a constructor, in which the compiler would use the instance of si in the call to func.

  • Remove the static keyword from the definition of func.

  • Call the static function explicitly: int y = S::func();.