This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Converting Visual J++ Applications to Visual C#

Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET provides the ability to convert projects created in Visual J++® version 6.0 or written in the Java language to Visual C#™ so that you can take advantage of the .NET Framework. Java Language Conversion Assistant generates a new Visual C# project from an existing Visual J++ 6.0 project or Java-language files. The Java Language Conversion Assistant wizard makes it easy to convert your existing files.

In This Section

Converting Visual J++ or Java-Language Projects to Visual C#
Describes how to use Java Language Conversion Assistant.
Java Language Conversion Assistant
Provides an overview of upgrading a Visual J++ 6.0 project or Java-language files to Visual C#.
Java Language Conversion Assistant Wizard
Describes how to use the wizard.
Manually Upgrading Unconverted Code
Explains how to upgrade code that could not be converted automatically.

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Converting Web Applications
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Conversion of JSP Custom Tag Libraries
Provides a list of Java-language classes for which support classes are created to emulate custom tag runtime behavior.
Compile Converted Servlet Classes Before Opening Them
Explains how to open Web Forms for converted servlet classes.
Matching Code Pages
Describes what to do when you have missing or mismatched code pages.
JLCA Diagnostic Messages Listed by Package
Provides lists of error messages generated by Java Language Conversion Assistant.
Visual C# Language
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C# Tutorials
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