This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

C++ Function Definitions

Function definitions differ from function declarations in that they supply function bodies — the code that makes up the function.


function-definition :
decl-specifiersopt declarator ctor-initializeropt fct-body
fct-body :

As discussed in Functions, the form of the declarator in the syntax is:

dname  (  argument-declaration-list  )  cv-mod-listopt

The formal arguments declared in argument-declaration-list are in the scope of the function body.

The following figure shows the parts of a function definition. The shaded area is the function body.

Parts of a Function Definition

The cv-mod-list element of the declarator syntax specifies how the this pointer is to be treated; it is only for use with class member functions.

The ctor-initializer element of the syntax is used only in constructors. Its purpose is to allow initialization of base classes and contained objects. (For more information about use of ctor-initializer, see Initializing Bases and Members.)

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