This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

XMLDocument Class Sample

Visual Studio 2008

This sample shows how to use the XmlDocument class that is part of the System.Xml namespace. This class exposes the XML Document Object Model, or DOM, which can be used to manipulate XML data.

To get samples and instructions for installing them

  • Do one or more of the following:

    • On the Help menu, click Samples.

      The Readme displays information about samples.

    • Visit the Visual Studio 2008 Samples Web site. The most recent versions of samples are available there.

    • Locate samples on the computer on which Visual Studio is installed. By default, samples and a Readme file are installed in drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Samples\lcid. For Express editions of Visual Studio, all samples are located online.

For more information, see Visual Studio Samples.

Security noteSecurity Note:

This sample code is intended to illustrate a concept, and it shows only the code that is relevant to that concept. It may not meet the security requirements for a specific environment, and it should not be used exactly as shown. We recommend that you add security and error-handling code to make your projects more secure and robust. Microsoft provides this sample code "AS IS" with no warranties.

To run this sample

  • Press F5.

The form is divided into three sections:

  • A list of tasks.

  • A display area for XML.

  • A display area for execution results.

All three areas are loaded and updated dynamically. Using a collection of items, rather than a series of button controls, allows you to add as many options as you like, without having to rearrange controls on the designer.

When the sample loads, it checks for the existence of three files in the \bin folder of the project folder:

  • Simple.xml

  • New.xml

  • Bad.xml

If the files exist, you will be able to choose from a set of commands loaded into a CheckedListBox control. You will need read/write permission to the \bin folder, as some of the commands require saving changes on disk.