Visual Studio Command Aliases


For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Visual Studio 2017 Documentation.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Visual Studio Command Aliases on Aliases provide a means for entering a command into the Find/Command box or Command window by shortening the text needed to execute the command. For example, instead of entering >File.OpenFile to display the Open File dialog box, you can use the pre-defined alias >of.

Type alias in the Commandwindow to display a list of the current aliases and their definitions. Type >cls to clear the contents of the Command window. If you want to see an alias for a specific command, type alias <command name>.

You can easily create your own alias for one of the Visual Studio commands (with or without arguments). For example, the syntax for aliasing File.NewFile MyFile.txt is alias MyAlias File.NewFile MyFile.txt. You can delete one of your aliases with alias <alias name> /delete

The table below contains a list of the pre-defined Visual Studio command aliases. Some command names have more than one pre-defined alias. Click the links for the command names below to display detailed topics that explain the correct syntax, arguments, and switches for those commands.

Command NameAliasComplete Name
Print Command?Debug.Print
Quick Watch Command??Debug.Quickwatch
Add New ProjectAddProjFile.AddNewProject
Alias CommandAliasTools.Alias
Autos windowAutosDebug.Autos
Breakpoints windowblDebug.Breakpoints
Toggle BreakpointbpDebug.ToggleBreakPoint
Call Stack windowCallStackDebug.CallStack
Clear BookmarksClearBookEdit.ClearBookmarks
Close All DocumentsCloseAllWindow.CloseAllDocuments
Clear AllclsEdit.ClearAll
Command modecmdView.CommandWindow
View CodecodeView.ViewCode
List Memory CommanddDebug.ListMemory
List Memory Command as ANSIdaDebug.ListMemory /Ansi
List Memory Command One Byte formatdbDebug.ListMemory /Format:OneByte
List Memory Command as ANSI with Four Byte formatdcDebug.ListMemory /Format:FourBytes /Ansi
List Memory Command Four Byte formatddDebug.ListMemory /Format:FourBytes
Delete to BOLDelBOLEdit.DeleteToBOL
Delete to EOLDelEOLEdit.DeleteToEOL
Delete Horizontal WhitespaceDelHSpEdit.DeleteHorizontalWhitespace
View DesignerdesignerView.ViewDesigner
List Memory Command Float formatdfDebug.ListMemory/Format:Float
Disassembly windowdisasmDebug.Disassembly
List Memory Command Eight Byte formatdqDebug.ListMemory /Format:EightBytes
List Memory Command as UnicodeduDebug.ListMemory /Unicode
Evaluate Statement CommandevalDebug.EvaluateStatement
Format SelectionformatEdit.FormatSelection
Full ScreenFullScreenView.FullScreen
Start CommandgDebug.Start
Go To CommandGotoLnEdit.GoTo
Go to BraceGotoBraceEdit.GotoBrace
Immediate ModeimmedTools.ImmediateMode
Insert File as TextInsertFileEdit.InsertFileAsText
List Call Stack CommandkbDebug.ListCallStack
Make Lower CaseLcaseEdit.MakeLowercase
Cut LineLineCutEdit.LineCut
Delete LineLineDelEdit.LineDelete
List MembersListMembersEdit.ListMembers
Locals windowLocalsDebug.Locals
Log Command Window Output CommandLogTools.LogCommandWindowOutput
Command Window Mark ModemarkTools.CommandWindowMarkMode
Memory windowMemory Memory1Debug.Memory1
Memory Window 2Memory2Debug.Memory2
Memory Window 3Memory3Debug.Memory3
Memory Window 4Memory4Debug.Memory4
Set Radix CommandnDebug.SetRadix
ShowWebBrowser Commandnav navigateView.ShowWebBrowser
Next BookmarkNextBookEdit.NextBookmark
New File CommandnfFile.NewFile
New Projectnp NewProjFile.NewProject
Open File Commandof OpenFile.OpenFile
Open Project CommandopFile.OpenProject
Collapse to Definitions/Stop OutliningOutlineDefs StopOutliningEdit.CollapsetoDefinitions
Step OverpDebug.StepOver
Parameter InformationParamInfoEdit.ParameterInfo
Step OutprDebug.StepOut
Previous BookmarkPrevBookEdit.PreviousBookmark
Print FileprintFile.Print
Properties WindowpropsView.PropertiesWindow
Registers windowregistersDebug.Registers
Run to CursorrtcDebug.RunToCursor
Save Selected ItemssaveFile.SaveSelectedItems
Save AllSaveAllFile.SaveAll
Save AsSaveAsFile.SaveSelectedItemsAs
Shell CommandshellTools.Shell
Stop Find In FilesStopFindEdit.FindInFiles /stop
Swap AnchorSwapAnchorEdit.SwapAnchor
Step IntotDebug.StepInto
Tabify SelectiontabifyEdit.TabifySelection
Tasklist windowTaskListView.TaskList
Threads windowThreadsDebug.Threads
Tile HorizontallyTileHWindow.TileHorizontally
Tile VerticallyTileVWindow.TileVertically
Toggle BookmarkToggleBookEdit.ToggleBookmark
Toolbox windowtoolboxView.Toolbox
List Disassembly CommanduDebug.ListDisassembly
Make UppercaseUcaseEdit.MakeUppercase
Untabify SelectionUntabifyEdit.UntabifySelection
Watch windowWatchDebug.WatchN
Toggle Word WrapWordWrapEdit.ToggleWordWrap
List Processes|Debug.ListProcesses
List Threads Command~ ~*k ~*kbDebug.ListThreads Debug.ListTheads /AllThreads

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