DSML ReadRootDSE Technology Sample

[This documentation is for preview only, and is subject to change in later releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

This sample demonstrates reading the RootDSE object and printing its attributes using Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) Services. This sample is available only in Visual C#.

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To build the sample

  1. Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the ReadRootDSE\CS directory.

  2. Type msbuild readrootdse.sln at the command line.

To run the sample

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the built executable file, using the command prompt.

  2. Type readrootdse followed by the name of the server and press Enter.

For example:

readrootdse http://myDC1.testDom.fabrikam.com/dsml/adssoap.dsmlx 


This sample is a console application. You must start and run it in a Command Prompt window to view its output.

Each directory server has a unique entry called RootDSE. It provides data about the server, such as its capabilities, the LDAP version it supports, and the naming contexts it uses.

This sample defines the following methods.




Connects to the server using a DsmlSoapHttpConnection.


Sends a search request to read the RootDSE() object, and lists the returned attributes and their values.