Compiler Error CS1721
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Compiler Error CS1721


Class 'class' cannot have multiple base classes: 'class_1' and 'class_2'

The most common cause of this error message is attempting to use multiple inheritance. A class in C# may only inherit directly from one class. However, a class can implement any number of interfaces.


The following example shows one way in which SC1721 is generated, and then shows two possible ways to avoid the error.

// CS1721.cs
public class A {}
public class B {}
public class MyClass : A, B {}   // CS1721

// One possible fix is to use the following approach instead:
public class A {}
public class B : A {}
public class C : B {}

// Another possible fix is to use interfaces instead of base classes:
public class A {}
public interface B {}
public class C : A, B {}

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